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XI International literary festival

«Chekhov's Autumn - 2020» in the city of Yalta

Friends! Let's hold together the XI International literary festival «Chekhov's Autumn - 2020», we will contribute to business of safety and protection of culture, Russian and traditions of the people of Russia!

The regional public organization «The UNION OF WRITERS of Republic of Crimea» invites to cooperation on the international Festival «Chekhov's Autumn- 2020» which will be held from October 21 to October 24, 2020 in the city of Yalta and by 11 times will bring together more than 600 participants: poets, writers, writers, experts, listeners and visitors.

Foto devychek Festival 2019

The president Festivalya - Andrey Chernov has experience of the organization and holding three literary Festivals «Chekhov"s Autumn - 2020» in 2017, 2018 and 2019 in the Republic of Crimea, is a Winner of 2 literary awards, Moscow works as the vice-chairman of RPO "The UNION OF WRITERS of Republic of Crimea" and professor of OO "Academy of Geopolitical Problems".. As the member of editorial board he prepared several issues of the literary and art and publicistic magazine "Brega Tavridy", famous among the literary public, and the book will by the famous Crimean writer V.P. Terekhov "Brega of midday Taurida" for release A. Chernov is awarded with government and public and literary awards for creative work and promotion of projects in the field of public life.

Within the Festival there will pass the competitive program in 22 nominations, the round tables and creative meetings devoted to scope of the Festival. At the Festival presence of judges and participants from Europe, Asia, America, the Arab countries and more than 58 regions of Russia is planned. The festival once again will receive extended coverage in the Russian and foreign media.

Livadiy Dvorec

- House museum of A.P. Chekhov (White Dacha).

- GAUK of the Republic of Crimea «The Livadia palace museum».

- «Kirov holiday center».

- KFU of V.I. Vernadsky.

- State Budgetary Institution Castle «Lastochkino gnezdo».

- A.P. Chekhov and O.L. Knipper-Chekhova's dacha in Gurzuf.

- A monument to A.P. Chekhov in Primorsk the park.

Last gnezdo

Purposes and targets of the Festival:

- Strengthening of creative and friendly relations of Russian-speaking poets and writers of Russia and foreign countries.

- Promotion of works of the great Russian writer A.P. Chekhov.

- Protection and safety of Russian and literature, culture and traditions of the people of Russia.

- Strengthening of image of Yalta as cultural capital of the Southern coast of the Crimea.

- Opening and support of new talented authors.

- Assistance to communication of the beginning authors from a priznnny verbal artists.

- Establishment of creative contacts between the creative organizations and certain authors in Russia and abroad.

Fest 2019 Wite Dacha

Organizers of the Festival are:

RPO «The UNION OF WRITERS of Republic of Crimea» with support: International community of the literary unions; «The international Writers' Union of the Crimea»; Regional department of the Republic of Crimea of the All-Russian public organization of Writers «All-Russian literary community»; Crimean regional department of the all-Russian public organization of writers «Literary community of writers of Russia»; Club of fantasts of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.

Information support is given:

TV companies of Russia and Republic of Crimea, Ministry of domestic policy, information and communication of the Republic of Crimea; Guten Morgen Verlag publishing house (Germany), the Literaturnaya Gazeta newspaper (Moscow), the Internet - Revizor.ru, etc.

 Fest 2019 Gala koncert

Funding for the Festival consists of donations from people who love Russia and Crimea, the work of the writer A. P. Chekhov, and the literature of Russia. The Festival is organized by the organizing Committee on a free, voluntary basis with the planned participation of 600 people. 

President of the international literary Festival "Chekhov's Autumn" in Yalta A. Chernov