Writers of Russia and abroad traditionally took an active part in the work of the International Literary Festival «Chekhov Autumn - 2019» held brightly and richly October 21-24 in Yalta. The festival was traditionally organized this year by the Union of Writers of the Republic of Crimea. The festival was the tenth since its creation and the third since the recent Russian history of the peninsula.

         The Jubilee Forum convincingly demonstrated that the festival not only confidently stood on the wing, but also spread its wings, uniting many and much! This was clearly demonstrated by the extensive geography of the participating countries and the jury of the festival, which included: 23 regions of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Donetsk People's Republic, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Macedonia, Palestine, Lebanon , Syria, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, Morocco, Poland, Albania, Switzerland, India, Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.

         The president of the festival Andrey Chernov in a welcoming speech at the grand opening of the festival touched on the huge work done by the organizing committee to establish and strengthen ties with embassies, subjects of federations, writers and poets of creative unions and associations, and stressed that all guests and participants of the festival are united not only by the possibility of creative expression, but also a real chance to tell about the culture of their country and to establish a connection between the peoples.

         Welcome addresses from Svetlana Borisovna Savchenko, Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna, the International Society of Writers' Unions, the Moscow City Organization of the Union writers of Russia, the Union of Writers of the Donetsk People's Republic and a number of other domestic and foreign organizations and representatives were read out.

         The Chairman of the International Jury Ayman Abu-Shaar (Syrian Arab Republic), Deputy Chairman of the Jury and member of the Coordinating Council of the International Poetry Movement made a wish for good luck and creative success in the work of the festival. The World Without Walls" Vadim Teryokhin (Russia) - awarded subsequently gold medals of Honor and the eponymous Diplomas of the festival - and other members of the jury of the festival. It was noted that the indescribable atmosphere and halo of Chekhov's genius became the center of attraction for the best representatives of the literary community of these countries, who came "to their Chekhov" - a writer of planetary scale, sometimes in spite of the pronounced sanctions against the visit of the political structures of their countries to Crimea.

During the four days of the festival's rich and fruitful work, creative contests were held and the winners in face-to-face nominations were determined: "Public Recognition" and "Landscape Lyrics." Crimean motifs, "Love Lyrics," "Poems for Children," "Poetry of the Young," "Best Connoisseur of Poems by Vladimir Lugovsky," "Civil and Spiritual-Philosophical Lyrics," "Free Song" and "Take a Coat, Go Home!", "For Best Song," "For Best Song," "For Best poems, "People's Choice Award" and in absentee nominations - "Chekhov's motives," "Writers and the public of the world about Crimea," "Author of the magazine "Brega Tavrida," "Best LITO of the Crimean Peninsula," "For outstanding services to literature."

         Two open poetry marathons were successfully and brightly held in the Seaside Park of Yalta - "I love you, the sea!" (at the monument "The Lady with the Dog") and "Crimean Muse" (at the monument to A.P. Chekhov).

         In addition to interesting competitive nominations, roundtables with domestic and foreign writers, book presentations, hours of interesting meetings and a free microphone were very popular among honorary guests and participants of the festival.

         Particularly noteworthy is the "round table" at the Yalta House-Museum of A.P. Chekhov's "White Dacha." It was in this marvelous and mystical place, created by the mind and the writer's master, in this cultural universe, covered with fame, history, the act of the great personalities of the era, who repeatedly visited here, that the most interesting and relevant questions were raised. today's Czech studies, informative dialogues took place, and each of those present was able to realize and share with others what Chekhov's personality and great creativity means to him personally.

         The festival, which united all those involved in it, ended and summed up its results on October 24 in the assembly hall of the Yalta Kirov sanatorium. Valery Smirnov-Shumilov, a well-known writer and chairman of the Union of Writers of the Republic of Crimea, made a closing speech, emphasizing the overall attention on the effective results of the festival and the stable dynamics of the festival movement.

     The Diploma and the Literary Olympus Award from the League of Writers of Eurasia were presented to the Vice-Chairman of the Jury, writer, translator, specialist in Russian language and folk art of the East Doha Assi (Arab Republic of Egypt) for their significant contribution to the development of the contemporary literary process and artistic authority of creativity. And this award has rightly taken its worthy place among the significant awards of Russia to the Arab literary community.

Members of the international jury presented the winners with cups, gold, silver and bronze medals, diplomas and special prizes. The diplomas and medals of 10 laureates who participated in the competitions will be taken to their countries: "Landscape lyrics. Crimean Motifs" diploma and bronze medal went to Sandhu Nupur Majumder (Republic of India), "Love Lyrics" diploma and bronze medal received Rubin Sabrina (Republic of Bangladesh), "I love you, the sea!" diploma and silver medal received Getmanenko Inna Vladimirovna (Ukraine, Dnipro), "KRIMSKY MUSA" (poetic ring or marathon) diploma and bronze medal received Al Muhaish Nabeel Abdorrahman A (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), "Civil and Spiritual-philosophical Lyric" diploma and silver medal received la Lara Mshawrab (Republic of Lebanon), absentee literary "Chekhov motives" diploma and bronze medal received Pankhuri Sinha (Republic of India), "Writers and public of the world about Crimea" diploma and silver medal received Graham Phillips (United Kingdom Kingdom of Great Britain), "The author of the magazine "Brega Tavrida" diploma and silver medal received Abdulla Issa (Republic of Palestine), "Public Recognition" diploma and gold medal received Mohamed Ali Rafie Mohamed (Arab Republic of Egypt), " Sandhu Nupur Majumder (Republic of India) received a diploma and a gold medal for outstanding services to literature, and Rokiah Hashim (Malaysia) received a diploma and a gold medal.  

The 1st Degree Diploma and the Gold Medal of the Festival were:

Landscape Lyrics Competition. Crimean motives" - Kamenchikova Larissa Georgievna (Russia, Krasnodar region);

Contest "Love Lyrics" - Milodan Ariolla Vladimirovna (Russia, Republic of Crimea, Yalta);

Poetry for Children Competition - Alexander Prudsky (Russia, Crimea, Yalta);

"Free Author's Song" contest - Sergey Nikiforov (Russia, Tver Oblast, Tver);

The best connoisseur of poems by Vladimir Lugovski - Shiyan Aleksandrovich (Russia, Crimea, Yalta);

Contest "I love you, the sea!" - Krylova Lyubov Andreevna (Russia, Tambov region, Tambov);

The contest "KRIMSKY MUSA" (poetic ring or marathon) - Milodan Ariolla Vladimirovna (Russia, Republic of Crimea, Yalta);

Contest "Civil and Spiritual-Philosophical Lyrics" - Babushkin Yevgeny Vasilyevich (Russia, Republic of Crimea, Alushta);

Contest "Take a cloak, go home!" - Duo Strunko Nadezhda - Mezhirova Galina (Russia, Anapa - Omsk);

Poetry of the Young Competition - Alex Kasper Drew (Russia, Republic of Crimea, Kerch);

Chekhov Motives Competition - Mikhail Kuraev (Russia, St. Petersburg);

Writers and the public of the world about Crimea - Bondarev Yuri Vasilyevich (Russia, Moscow);

Competition in absentia "Author of the magazine "Brega Tavrida" - Kunyayev Stanislav Yuryevich (Russia, Moscow);

Contest "For the best song" - Nadezhda Strunka (Russia, Krasnodar Region, Anapa);

The contest "For the best poems" by Alexander Prudsky (Russia, Republic of Crimea, Yalta);

The People's Choice Award - Alexey Goldarev (Russia, Moscow);

Public Recognition Competition - Yelena Kibireva (Russia, Kurgan Region), Mohamed Ali Rafie Mohamed (Arab Republic of Egypt), NUPUR MAJUMDER SANDHU (Republic of India);

Contest "For Outstanding Services to Literature" - Rokiah Hashim (Malaysia), Illashevich Vladislav (Estonia), Kulunchakova Biyke Ishakovna (Russia, Dagestan);

The Cup, the 1st degree and the gold medal were:

The contest "Best LITO of the Crimean Peninsula" - Lito sci-fi "Club of science fictions of Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea", Chairman - Gaevsky Valery Nikolaevich (Russia, Republic of Crimea);

Contest "For Outstanding Services to Literature" - Ivanov - Tagansky Valery (Russia, Moscow)

     The winner of the "Grand Prix of the Festival" was Ariolla Milodan (Russia, Republic of Crimea, Yalta), she was awarded the Cup, the diploma of the 1st degree and the gold medal of the winner. In addition to these awards, the winner was presented with a very colorful, special award from the chairman of the international jury Ayman Abu-Shaar - magnificent national clothing and jewelry.

   The Chekhov Autumn-2019 festival in Yalta gave us a modicum of goodness, truth, conscience, mercy, love and talent, which has customs and traditions, but has no national and territorial barriers! We are waiting for the literary and poetic extravaganza - XI International Literary Festival "Chekhov Autumn-2020" in Yalta!

"Union of Writers of the Republic of Crimea"